Planning a trip to one of the most buzzing continents on the planet? Lucky thing! Get some travel inspiration below…

Dubai – May 2019

The latest in my solo travels saw me visit a place I’d only gone to for a stopover before, but with £200 return flights with Etihad and some oddly cheap hotels, I couldn’t exactly say no, could I? UAE, let’s have at ya! *** I left work and headed to Heathrow on 2nd May for … Read More Dubai – May 2019

Tokyo, Japan – October 2017

Last year, one lunchtime in December, I was lamenting my lack of travel to Asia to one of my colleagues, after they mentioned their upcoming trip to Singapore. “I’ve been to the Maldives and Kazakhstan, and that’s about it!” I wailed. (Side note – I realise now just how much of a brat I sounded, … Read More Tokyo, Japan – October 2017

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