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Welcome Back and an Update

Ah, New Year. 2022. Saying sayonara to the previous year and ringing in the new. I’ve always been a fan of New Years… not the Eve itself which is always a bit of a disappointment if you ask me, but the ‘new year new me’ ethos. The excitement of a fresh new start, the possibilities of … Read More Welcome Back and an Update

These Days

So, the world’s a bit weird now, huh? Gone are the days of me finding £20 flights to God-Knows-Where and flying on a whim. Gone are the days of planning elaborate multi-country/state trips and getting excited about them months in advance. Gone are the days of, well, venturing outside our front doors, really. I understand … Read More These Days

No-Buy Year Analysis

Alright lads? My No-Buy Year has come to an end, and as mentioned in my December Empties post, I thought I’d do a separate post to take a deeper dive into the year – what worked, what didn’t, what I learnt from the project, and the all-important data behind it all. If anything, it’ll help … Read More No-Buy Year Analysis

Empties – December 2019

And so it ends. The last month and wrap up of this year long project, and what a year it’s been! I’ll do more of a general annual wrap up shortly (including some snazzy data and charts, aren’t you lucky?), but for now, let’s recap the empties used up in December. Ho ho ho, etc. … Read More Empties – December 2019

Empties – November 2019

Alright everyone? Winter has officially arrived, and with it comes another raft of empties. A small haul this month – I actually went to Dubai for just under a week in November, and purposefully didn’t use much makeup while I was out there (the tan quest was real), but I appear to have accumulated a … Read More Empties – November 2019

Empties – October 2019

Hello-ween, ladies and gentlemen! (A bold choice for an October greeting, but I’m sticking with it). It’s finally autumn – the big coats are in and skimpy summer dresses are out, kidlets are throwing conkers at each other, everything is covered in pumpkin spice… like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of autumn … Read More Empties – October 2019


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