Ah, my home continent! You’re in a treat if you visit this diverse, buzzing group of countries – each with their own different style and culture. Browse my posts below for some inspiration before you set off!

Rome, Italy – September 2019

Long time coming, this post – but I finally did it! I finally made it to Rome, one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, and did it in relative style! Not going to lie, this was one of my more challenging solo adventures, and my patience and hatred of inefficiency was tested … Read More Rome, Italy – September 2019

Helsinki, Finland – January 2019

To top off my triple threat of Scandinavian capital cities (see Stockholm here and Oslo here!), I took advantage of a cheap flight deal and flew to Helsinki a few weekends ago. Yes, I went to Finland in the middle of January. Wanna hear about it? Course you do! I flew out to Helsinki from London Heathrow on Friday … Read More Helsinki, Finland – January 2019

Luxembourg – July 2018

Question: What do you do when you’re home alone and bored on a Saturday night? Do you: A) Set up a Netflix binge-a-thon? B) Do a heck-load of washing? C) Decide to go to Luxembourg for the day? If you’re anything like me, C) seems like the most logical option. So there you have it … Read More Luxembourg – July 2018

Monaco – April 2018

Hi all! I’ve returned to the world of intermittent travel – starting with Monaco (and by definition, also Nice, I guess?)! I’ll admit, it was pretty much a work trip, but I still managed to see a lot of the beautiful city and its surroundings, as well as pretend I was absolutely minted for a … Read More Monaco – April 2018

Stockholm, Sweden – August 2017

God Morgon! I’ve just flown in from Sweden where I spent a very enjoyable 3 days stuffing my face with pastries, hanging out on a boat with dear friends, and taking in some of the most spectacular architecture I’ve seen in a long time. Wanna hear more? Of course you do! (I’m writing this post … Read More Stockholm, Sweden – August 2017


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