Out of all of the continents, I’ve probably done the most exploratory solo travel to North America, so it’ll always have a very special place in my heart. Read on for some travel reviews, blogposts and travel tips…

America – April 2019

This post will be slightly later than usual, apologies for that. It’s also slightly different from the normal “off I go by myself to somewhere random” posts I appear to churn out on the regular, but nonetheless I hope it’ll be interesting/useful? Also, due to my poor memory and crap phone camera, I’m going to … Read More America – April 2019

Cuba – A Practical Post

So, you’re thinking of visiting Cuba, huh? The thought of sun-soaked beaches, salsa music on every street corner, and dirt-cheap mojitos appeals? I don’t blame you at all. I bloody loved the place. However. It is not your typical tourist destination, and therefore requires a little more planning or thought process before heading out. Things … Read More Cuba – A Practical Post

Havana, Cuba – September 2018

1988. Calgary’s Winter Olympics happened in February, and the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul the same year. The UK’s pound note ceased production, and Prozac started production. Roger Rabbit, Die Hard, and Beetlejuice all came out. These, um, items, were considered fashionable: And yours truly was born. Making me 30 this year. And what … Read More Havana, Cuba – September 2018


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