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These Days

So, the world’s a bit weird now, huh? Gone are the days of me finding £20 flights to God-Knows-Where and flying on a whim. Gone are the days of planning elaborate multi-country/state trips and getting excited about them months in advance. Gone are the days of, well, venturing outside our front doors, really. I understand the importance of what we’re doing, of course I … Read More These Days


Rome, Italy – September 2019

Long time coming, this post – but I finally did it! I finally made it to Rome, one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, and did it in relative style! Not going to lie, this was one of my more challenging solo adventures, and my patience and hatred of inefficiency was tested big time. Want to know more? Read on, friend! … Read More Rome, Italy – September 2019

Havana, Cuba – September 2018

1988. Calgary’s Winter Olympics happened in February, and the Summer Olympics were held in Seoul the same year. The UK’s pound note ceased production, and Prozac started production. Roger Rabbit, Die Hard, and Beetlejuice all came out. These, um, items, were considered fashionable: And yours truly was born. Making me 30 this year. And what did I do for it? Why, spent it in … Read More Havana, Cuba – September 2018


Travel Music – A Roundup

Music is a HUGE part of any trip for me. Not only does it get me excited about a trip, listening to the music of the country I’m visiting, but it can encompass so much about the country itself. I’m a huge music nerd (seriously), as well as a huge travel fan (obviously), so I’ve put together some Spotify playlists featuring artists from different … Read More Travel Music – A Roundup


Travelling On The Cheap

I get a hell of a lot of questions around how I manage to travel *so* cheaply. The cheapest return flight I’ve managed to grab was £18 return from London to Milan, but there have been plenty of bargains out there that I’ve managed to wangle. Indeed, I now work out where I’m going based on the trick below, and running my finger down the … Read More Travelling On The Cheap


West Coast, USA – April/May 2017

Here it is y’all, what you’ve all been waiting for – the write up of the mega, 3000 mile road trip I did by myself, around the west coast of America! It’s taken a while to sit down and write this – in all honesty because, over the past week, I’ve been at the mercy of the jetlag gods for possibly one of the … Read More West Coast, USA – April/May 2017


Solo Female Travel Essentials

In between regular travel posts (and some new website features coming 2017!), I thought it might be fun to do a few random posts about travelling, specifically solo as a woman. Travel has become more accessible than ever, and with the influx of apps and technology (including my favourite IoT!), it will likely get easier and easier to get away every so often. Add … Read More Solo Female Travel Essentials


Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan – May 2015

As promised, the start of my ‘Throwback Travels’ series will start with Kazakhstan – one of the more ‘out-there’ countries I’ve visited by myself. I actually went for work in my old job – I was responsible for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia – but as Kazakhstan was so vast and far, I managed to do a little sight-seeing too. Multi-tasking and all … Read More Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan – May 2015